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Rule Number One is very simple:

All of our packages come with

  • A professional DJ/Emcee
    • They will take requests all night
    • Take care of all of your announcements
    • Keep the party going by interacting with your guests!
  • 2 wireless microphones (which you will have full access to at no extra charge)
  • A complete light system for your dance floor
  • Full access to your own on line planning system
  • Full access to our music library!
  • A Guest Request system
  • Full time support is just a phone call or email away so you are NEVER ALONE in the planning process!!

Pricing is generally the first question people have and for us, and it is all simply based on the total amount of time you would need us.  I always recommend having us be ready to start at the very beginning of your reception (when guests begin to arrive) – that way everything is set up and in place and we don’t have to load anything in around your guests.  

You can usually estimate that “average” amount of time based on the number of guests you have.  For example:

  • Under 100 guests is generally 4 hours from when guests arrive until the end of the night
  • 100-150 guests is generally 5 hours from when guests arrive until the end of the night
  • 150-200 is generally 6 hours from when guests arrive until the end of the night
  • 200-250 is generally 7 hours from when guests arrive until the end of the night
  • 250+ is generally 7 hours from when guests arrive until the end of the night
  • Keep in mind these are all just ESTIMATES!  We will always work with YOUR timeline and YOUR schedule to make your day as easy as we can for you!

To help make your day even better and more affordable we offer:

  • Police, Teacher, Fire & Military discounts
  • Be sure to ask about our Special of the Month!!
  • Our prices are all based on the total amount of time you need.
    • We do not have “set” times for dinner & cocktail and then dance music.  The time is 100% yours and we will ALWAYS work with your schedule!!
    • Our starting package is 4 hours for $1295.
    • For additional time simply add $100 per hour!
    • Our initial down payment is just 25% of the total balance, and your remaining balance would be due 2 weeks before the big day

Something very important to remember is that even after you’ve booked with us…..

  • You can STILL CHANGE TIMES AND PACKAGES up to 30 days before your reception!!  We always want to work with your schedule as much as possible!!

We can also easily help with your ceremony too!

  • We can connect with keyboards or any wired instruments to help keep the sound perfectly balanced
  • We can provide mic stands or even headset microphones for your officiants
  • You have complete control over the music!

We also offer:

  • Photo Booth’s
  • Uplighting
  • Custom monogram lights and a few other options as well!

We would be happy to let you know pricing on anything else you might be interested in, just let me know!

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