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All of our systems include the following:

2 hand held wireless mirophones that you have full access to

Professional grade speaker system

A complete LED light show for your dance floor

Full access to you own online planner where you have as much control over your reception as you'd like

Full time support from our Wedding Professionals to help make your dat as STRESS FREE as possible!!!

Below are our prices based on per half hour amount of time.

Time Length Price
3 hours $495
3.5 hours $545
4 hours $595
4.5 hours $645
5 hours $695
5.5 hours $745
6 hours $795
6.5 hours $845
7 hours $895
7.5 hours $945
8 hours $995


Additional Costs:
  • Anything beyond 8 hours is $100 an hour.
  • You can add Karaoke to any of the above packages for an additional $150.
  • Overtime is $150 an hour.
  • There is a $50 charge for your ceremony IF we need to set up in multiple locations. For example, setting up outside for the ceremony and moving inside for the reception. If there are additional moves needed after that, it's $25 per move.
New Uplighting Options!
  • 2 Full Custom Color LED Custom color controlled lights (perfect for behind the head table for example): $50
  • 4 Full Custom Color LED Custom color controlled lights for a wider coverage area: $100
  • 6 Full Custom Color LED Custom color controlled lights: $150
  • 8 Full Custom Color LED Custom color controlled lights: $200

Please contact us for pricing on additional lights!

Extra Details:
  • You are allowed to CHANGE YOUR PACKAGE AND TIMES at no additional penalties up to 30 days before your reception. After 30 days you can only add time or change within the same time you have already booked. Other conditions may apply.
  • $200 Down Payments are non-refundable unless we are able to re-book your date.
  • Pricing for Special events like holidays (New Years for example) might be adjusted.
  • Out of state shows pricing is based on the location. Please call for details.
  • Additional costs such as travel and / or lodging may apply with all bookings.

Ultimate Entertainment accepts all major Credit Cards! You can make your deposit payment or payments on your account. Just call us! 319-266-0717 or 888-809-1961. We'll be happy to help answer your questions.
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